Horse whispering demos

Discover the methods behind the magic of horse whispering and learn to speak the language of Equus, the natural language of horses.

Join us as we build a partnership with a horse based on mutual trust and respect.

Guests get to learn the secret techniques of the horse whisperers and try their hand, one-on-one, with one of our horses.

This is an exciting and exhilarating activity for the entire family.
No horse experience is necessary.


A horse can speak volumes using body language.
But what exactly does all that mean? And how important is it that we know?
Even without words, a horse has a lot to say. The ears, facial expressions, tail and other body parts provide clues to the horse’s emotional and physical state.
Is the horse playful, mad, or fearful? Is it submissive or dominant?
Reading your horse’s body language can help you have a better relationship with your horse and may even help you avoid being injured.

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Call Birgit at 1-250-968-6801.

Demos are approximately 1.5 hours long. Please inquire for rates and availability. Discounts available for large groups.

We were privileged to see your demo today and so much enjoyed it and appreciated the time you and Alice spent with us. Our view of horses and their behaviour will never be the same after your explanations and demonstrations. We found ourselves checking out and assessing all of the horses that we saw enroute back to Valemount. We admire your obvious passion and commitment to training through horse listening. The time spent with you, Alice, Sam and MoJo today made waiting out the landslide worth it! Many thanks and all the best to you and yours!

Kathy and Ken Gullen, Saskatchewan